Monday, November 22, 2010




JONFACTORY.COM is the new ‘Regional Distributor’ in your neighbourhood.
We are looking for partnerships with interested individuals or companies.”

It is in everyone’s best interest to continuously expand by forming new alliances and improving existing channels of supply & distribution. ‘Globalisation’ has brought us closer than ever by negating geographical boundaries and different time zones. We want to embrace this with our ‘Partners’ so that we can be bold enough to tackle new product options and challenge new innovations.

As a product distributor, we have to ensure that the products we are distributing are innovative and non-readily available in your local market. Further, it is also very important to us that our suppliers are reliable and continuously delivers consistent product quality.

Our staffs are friendly & helpful. We invite you to come and meet us today and join us in distributing JONFACTORY.COM products. Spread the word and feel proud that more & more people are talking about ‘our’ products.

Please check on our website for up to date information on new products arrivals & forming of new partnerships.

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