Monday, November 22, 2010




JONFACTORY.COM is your friendly ‘Sourcing Agent’.

Irregardless for company plans or personal needs, we want you to know we will ‘help’ you, and more importantly, we want to work with you to ‘get’ what it is you want.
As a ‘Buyer’, you can no longer rely on a single channel to source your needs. JONFACTORY.COM is a multiple-country channel sourcing agent, determined to outperform our competitors in delivering a cost effective solution for you without compromising product qualities.
As our ‘Client’, we want to assure you that we are in the business of forming long term partnerships. AtJONFACTORY.COM, we know we must work hand-in-hand with you to progress ahead of the current business world, where competition is fast and very fierce.
Primary plans involve strengthening of ties with our suppliers & associates in China, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Indonesia and those within Malaysia.

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